Technology-as-a-Service Playbook - Thomas Lah & J.B. Wood

Technology-as-a-Service Playbook

Por Thomas Lah & J.B. Wood

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2016-04-11
  • Género: Industrias y profesiones


Technology-as-a-Service Playbook defines the tactical and strategic plays technology companies must run to build a profitable subscription business. Whether you are a pureplay cloud company or a traditional technology provider making the pivot to the cloud, this book will help guide your decision-making and execution around the "as-a-service" model to put your company on a path to profitable growth.
This cloud-driven journey will affect every part of the organization. How offers are designed, built, marketed, sold, and serviced will all need to change. And these transformations are not limited to OEMs—they will also directly impact the vast network of channel partners. After all, it’s not just about building recurring revenue, it’s about building PROFITABLE recurring revenue. Technology-as-a-Service Playbook is the road map to the next-generation tech business model.