Finding my Wings. A Pilot's Story from the Ruins of Alitalia to the Desert of Qatar - Ivan Anzellotti

Finding my Wings. A Pilot's Story from the Ruins of Alitalia to the Desert of Qatar

Por Ivan Anzellotti

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2017-02-15
  • Género: Biografías y memorias


The story of the controversial and still much debated 2008 Alitalia privatization, occurred at the beginning of the longest aviation crisis ever, is told by one of the 850 pilots laid off along with thousands of crew members and employees.
This autobiography illustrates the most dramatic mass layoffs of Italian history from the point of view of the people who experienced it: their truth, their emotions, their fears and their hopes.
The author’s response to this life challenge is an example of resilience. As soon as he realized he was on his own, without hesitation, he began a difficult job search aimed at surviving professionally.
It was not an easy feat, but the journey allowed him to discover resources he had no idea he possessed, and gave him the capability to transform his worst nightmare in a great opportunity to turn his life around for the best.
When the “call” arrived, he decided to cross the Rubicon. He left Italy to move to Qatar, the land of desert, where all that followed was as surreal as what he experienced in his last months with Alitalia.
Nevertheless, the Universe was going to reward his courage and determination: the discovery of true love and the beginning of an ongoing journey, around the world, full of surprises.
The author, with his classic roman humor, shares his passion for flying, makes technical aspects easily accessible to the readers, includes fascinating aviation historical references and discloses his concerns for the future of aviation, especially with respect to passengers and crew safety.